Intel Core i3-2100T & Core i5-2400S Low Power CPUs

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General Performance

In Photoshop, high Turbo Boost speeds allowed the i5-2400S' to finish the test just 4 seconds later than the i5-2400. The i3-2100T finished 22 seconds behind the i3-2100, about 20% slower. Despite its low clock speed, the i3-2100T still had a very impressive showing against AMD's offerings.

The Core i3's don't fare nearly as well in the NOD32 test, so the i3-2100T's low clock speed really hurts it by comparison. It finished 18% slower than the i3-2100, finishing dead last, but used 6W less. The i5-2400S trailed the i5-2400 by just 12 seconds.

In WinRAR, the i3-2100T closed the gap with i3-2100, completing the task 12% slower. The i5-2400S continued to impress, being edged out by the i5-2400 by only 5 seconds. The undervolted i5-2400 of course performed the same, but as a bonus, had a 4W power advantage, even beating the i5-2400S by 3W.

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