Intel Core i3-2100T & Core i5-2400S Low Power CPUs

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Encoding Performance

More of the same for the i5-2400S in iTunes AAC encoding, following close behind the i5-2400 in performance. The i3-2100T on the other hand continued to struggle, completing the encode 19% slower than the i3-2100.

Our TMPGEnc test is the only one where the i3-2100T impressed us, finishing only 7% behind the i3-2100, and using 13W less in the process. In a bit of a role reversal, the i5-2400S faltered, completing the task 20% slower than the i5-2400 as the clock speed for the i5-2400S is only 2.6 GHz when all cores are in operation. It did use 9W less, so it seems the heavier the load, the more greater the energy savings.

The i3-2100T stumbled once again in HandBrake, this time finishing 23% slower than the i3-2100, albeit with a 10W power consumption advantage. Similarly the i5-2400S took 21% longer but used 14W less than the i5-2400. The undervolted i5-2400 cut the power difference in half.

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