Kingwin Lazer Platinum 550W Power Supply

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The LZP-550 is painted flat black, with a cosmetic decal on one side and specifications label on top. The sheet metal seems about average thickness, and the casing is about an inch longer than normal. The honeycomb pattern exhaust grill is very open to airflow, and there are no other vents for airflow exhaust.

The casing is fairly standard but a but longer than usual.

Despite the modular cables, there is quite a big bundle of attached output cables: The main ATX, two cables for PCIe card 12V, and 4/8-pin AUX12V.

The same 8-pin connector is used for all the modular cable outputs.

The spec label.

Access inside is via the usual four corner screws.

The heatsinks are very small for a 550W PSU. There is substantial room around the main PCB; perhaps the same casing is used for higher power models that require bigger PCBs.

Most of the capacitors are high quality Nippon Chemi-Cons .

The 140x25mm fan has no model number, make, specs or data on either side. It is a typical looking box fan with nine blades and four struts, with a 2-conductor lead.



1 - ATX connector (58cm) 20+4 pin
2 - PCIe connector (58cm) 6/8-pin
1 - AUX12V connector (58cm) 4/8 pin


2 - PCIe (53cm) 6/8-pin
2 - four SATA connectors (90cm)
2 - two SATA connectors (55cm)

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