In Win BUC ATX Tower Case

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The BUC weighs 6.7 kg or 14.8 lb and measures 21.0 x 48.5 x 50.6 cm or 8.3 x 19.1 x 19.9" (W x H x D) making the total case volume approximately 51.5 L. The side panels are steel, approximately 0.7~0.8 mm thick at the thinnest point by our measurements, while the front bezel and top of the case are composed of molded plastic.

Recessed reset and power buttons reside at the top of the case, book-ended by slim, understated LEDs that resemble square/closed brackets. Between them are a set of audio, USB, and eSATA connectors. The easily removable 5.25" covers and front fan grill are rather restrictive, with plastic bridges running across them for some reason.

The back is laid out in standard fashion. The power supply is positioned at the bottom. The expansion slot covers are ventilated, but it should be noted they are all tear-aways and only one proper metal bracket is included. There is a 120 mm fan at the top with a pair of round water cooling holes above it. Like most of the current crop of cases, the front USB 3.0 port uses an external blue cable to connect.

The bottom of the case is solid except for the power vent and its restrictive air filter. The case lacks rubber feet at the rear so the case can be lifted up at the front and slid with greater ease than a typical tower.

The hard drive access door is a neat addition, but requires a key. Without it, the door either stays locked or comes off too easily. If you don't want to keep the key inserted, it is perhaps more convenient to just leave the door open.

Both side panels are equipped with latches which lock them in place fairly securely. One of the latches seemed damaged though, unable to stay properly attached to the side panel so we had to add some duct tape on the interior to keep it from continually falling off.

The left side panel.

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