In Win BUC ATX Tower Case

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While the side panels are fairly thin, the interior of the case, that is to say the motherboard tray and drive cage are both very sturdy. The layout inside is more or less standard with the power supply at the bottom, 12 cm fans at the top, rear, and front (with the option for two more on the side). It supports four 5.25" drives, one external 3.5" drive, and five internal 3.5"/2.5" drives.

Like most cases these days, there is a large cutout behind the CPU area that helps facilitate the installation of third party heatsinks with backplates and there are also a few large holes for routing cables. As a bonus, expansion cards and drives can be mounted without any tools. All the yellow portions pictured are UV reactive.

The BUC doesn't have many hooks or holes for twist-ties at the back, except on the edge of the motherboard tray (where the cables would still be visible). This makes cable management tricky, particularly as there is very little room behind the tray, only 1.5 cm. There is a bit more room behind the drive cage, an extra 1 cm, but some of it is taken up by the SATA backplane cables. It is probably best to remove them if they are not being used.

120 mm 3-pin fans are pre-installed in the rear position with screws and the top position with a pair of old school plastic release tabs. Securing the fan at just two points is not ideal.

The power supply is elevated by a pair of metal bars, though there isn't much clearance between it and the vent. Tool-less plastic locking mechanisms are offered for expansion cards.

Optical drives are installed using a simple pop and lock mechanism on one side, but we couldn't disengage one of them because it was bent out of place. Screws can be added on the opposite side as a precaution. Hard drives conveniently mount from the side, but the cage blocks more airflow in this orientation. It doesn't help that the front fan is only large enough to provide coverage for about three and a half drives.

The drive trays and backplane connectors.

The front bezel has a simple tab release system, as does the 120 mm blue LED intake fan at the bottom. The fan is powered with a 4-pin molex connector and ships with a filter over the intake side.

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