Havik 140: NZXT's First CPU Heatsink

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The NZXT Havik 140 is composed of a copper base soldered to 6 x 6 mm thick copper heatpipes and 46 aluminum fins, and the entire body is nickel-plated. By our measurements, the heatsink weighs approximately 730 grams (1040 grams with the stock fans installed) and stands 160 mm tall (166 mm with a fan installed).

The Havik 140 has a clean simple nickel-plated design with fins measuring on average, 0.41 mm thick (it's thinner at the center and thicker on the edges) and spaced 1.91 mm apart. It resembles the shiny silver towers produced by Thermalright and Prolimatech.

The overall build and shape of the heatpipes looks very much like the Prolimatech Armageddon. However, the Armageddon has a thinner but wider body and an extra two sets of heatpipes.

The heatsink is wider than most single fan models to take advantage of the 14 cm fans, but being only 60 mm thick it is still petite compared to the larger dual fan coolers.

The heatpipes are swirled near the base in order to spread them out evenly throughout the fin stack. They are soldered to a copper base which is slightly convex at the center.

The base surface has a rough looking finish but is smooth to the touch.

The stock fans have a nontraditional housing with mounting holes on opposite sides that do not line up with one another. They are mounted with very long rubber isolators.

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