LanCool PC-K59 Midtower Case

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The PC-K59 weighs 10.2 kg or 22.4 lb and measures 21.5 x 53.0 x 53.0 cm or 8.5 x 20.9 x 20.9" (W x H x D) making the total case volume approximately 60.4 L. The side panels are made of steel and are fairly sturdy, measuring approximately 0.9 mm thick at the thinnest point.

Recessed reset and power buttons are located at the top of the case, next to audio USB 2.0/3.0 and eSATA connectors making the case better suited to reside on the floor than a desk. A large angled exhaust for optional top-mounted 14 cm fans is located at the center stretching all the way to the rear.

There are three 5.25" bays at the top covered with a set of metallic place holders. Underneath is a large vent in front of a pair of 14 cm intake fans.

Slits have been cut into the expansion slot covers to provide extra ventilation. There are eight of them to facilitate extreme video card configurations.

The case floor is solid except for a restrictive power supply vent at the back covered by a removable dust filter.

There are two 14 cm fan placements on the left side panel but they are covered up with metal plate placeholders by default.

The front panel pulls away quite easily, allowing access to the front fans. They're secured in the same way as many other Lian Li cases, mounted using rubber grommets that slide sideways through a set of large and small mounting holes. To avoid blinding users, the power LED at the top is diffused by a square of translucent plastic.

Removing the front bezel allows the top cover to pulled off as well. There are a pair of fan positions here, both using the same mounting system as the front. The mounting holes are for 14 cm models only which is unfortunate as there some quality aftermarket 14 cm fans only have 12 cm holes, ironically for better compatibility.

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