LanCool PC-K59 Midtower Case

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The layout inside is more or less standard with the power supply at the bottom, 12 cm fan at the rear, two 14 cm fans in front with the option for four more, two on the side and two on the top. It supports three 5.25" drives, six internal 3.5" and four internal 2.5" drives.

The K59 features mostly tool-less assembly. There are a pair of removable hard drive cages, but you can install hard drives without taking them out. Optical drives are secured with a plastic tab that swings inward and braces the mounting holes. The expansion slots also have a very solid locking mechanism.

The only 12 cm fan placement is at the rear where a black stock fan is pre-installed. A 14 cm position here would've been nice, for uniformity if anything else.

The power supply sits on a pair of padded rails above a vent that has a series of slits bent diagonally, similar to the top of the case. We would've preferred a more open honeycomb style grill.

As the hard drive cages can hold just three 3.5" drives a piece, the two 14 cm intake fans provide more than enough airflow around them.

Thumbscrews secure the hard drive cages to the case and each other, but there is no other form of support. One cage simply sits atop the other in a pretty loose configuration.

There is 16 mm of space behind the motherboard tray and 24 mm behind the hard drive cage and power supply, but clearance for cables isn't much of an issue thanks to a plastic channel running top to bottom.

This plastic spine has a series of flexible locks creating multiple entry/exit points making it easy to keep cables tidy.

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