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The Dragon Rider measures 23.9 x 55.6 x 57.8 cm or 9.4 x 21.9 x 22.8" (W x H x D) making the total case volume a spacious 76.8 L. The side panels are made of steel and are fairly sturdy, between 0.8 and 1.0 mm thick depending on where you measure.

The Dragon Rider offers a pair of 14 cm fan mounts (with 12 cm holes) on the case ceiling. It ships with four 12 cm fans in total, UV reactive models at the top, rear and front, and a translucent blue LED version located behind the motherboard tray. A generous set of connectors are offered including audio, FireWire, and dual USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and eSATA ports. Faint power and hard drive LEDs and demure, recessed power and reset buttons are located further toward the front.

The right side of the case is notable as it is home to 12 cm fan attached to a honeycomb grill with rubber grommets. It is oriented to blow air toward the back of the motherboard over the CPU socket area. We've seen fan placements in this location before, but never full-sized.

The front bezel is composed of plastic but has a great medieval look that fits with the case's name. It's tall and rounded like a tower shield, the air vents resemble chainmail, and one can imagine that something with a frighteningly large hand is gripping the bezel around the In Win logo.

As one would expect, the rear of the case is well ventilated as well. Square vents form the grill of the 12 cm exhaust fan and surround the water cooling holes at the top. The expansion slot covers aren't solid either, fabricated out of fine steel mesh. A significant portion of the right side panel juts outward, presumably to make more room for cabling on the inside and give the shape of the case more symmetry.

While the rest of the case is full of holes, the case floor is solid aside for the power supply vent. The large plastic swing-out feet are commonly found on full-sized towers.

The "bulge" pushes about 1 cm outward compared to the rest of the right side panel.

Though In Win describes the side fan as being 22 cm, it's about 22.8 x 22.8 cm by our measurements with mounting holes spaced 17 cm apart (measured from the center of the holes). Like the right side fan, it is dampened using rubber grommets. Short wires run from the fan to a small control switch that enables/disables the fan's bright blue LEDs

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