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Assembling a system in the Dragon Rider is straightforward. Much of the process is tool-less except for mounting the motherboard and the power supply. Our test system consists of an Asus 790GX motherboard, a ZEROtherm FZ120 heatsink with a Nexus 120 mm fan, a WD Caviar Black 1TB hard drive and a Cooler Master 700W modular power supply.

The first thing we noticed when installing our system was that the black screws we were instructed to use with the standoffs became stuck halfway, while the larger PCI screws (only four included for the PSU) with coarser threads went in all the way. When we took the black screws out after testing, the standoffs remained attached on half of them (we ended up using pliers to wrench them apart).

Plastic drive rails are used to install hard drives. They are dampened somewhat as the interior of the rails is softer and contacts the drive at only three points on each side.

The expansion slot locks have grey blocks of rubber at the ends to ensure proper tension.

While there aren't that many places on the board to tie cables down to the motherboard tray, you can tie them in bundles as the right side panel provides extra clearance.

Our HD 4870 CrossFireX test system, fully installed. There was 10.5 cm of space to the right of the graphics cards, making the total clearance about 34.6 cm. There was a 1.3 cm gap above our FZ120 CPU cooler, making heatsink clearance 17.3 cm (without the side fan installed).

The side fan protrudes 27 mm inward, interfering with a significant portion of our 156 mm tall standard test cooler. The effective clearance with the side fan was only 150 mm. Luckily the arrangement of the grommets allowed us to move the fan out of the way to a lower position.

The white box underneath the front bezel works well, giving the In Win logo an ethereal, rather than jarring blue glow.

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