Cooler Master Silencio 550 Quiet ATX Tower

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The Silencio 550 measures 21.0 x 45.2 x 50.5 cm or 8.3 x 17.8 x 19.9 in (W x H x D) making the total volume 48 L. The side panels are made of steel but are thin, measuring 0.8 mm; the noise dampening foam gives them a little extra stability.

Sitting comfortably on the roof of the front bezel are connectors for two USB devices (one 2.0 and one 3.0), line-out and mic, and a SD card. Small power and reset buttons reside on the right side. The hard drive and power LEDs are small and inconspicuous.

The front door swings out right to left, extending out just past 90 degrees. It is lined with layer of foam and seals using magnets hidden along the edges. A hard drive docking bay is pre-installed in the third 5.25" drive bay.

A hole at the bottom provides some airflow and doubles as a handle to dislodge the tabs securing the panel. There are a pair of 120 mm intake fan mounts at the front, with one pre-populated.

The fan filters are attached to an easily removable plastic vent cover with a large gap in-between.

Like at the front, there's a single rear 120 mm fan secured with standard screws. Both fan sit almost flush with their respective vents which is normally detrimental to acoustics, but at low speeds it shouldn't be an issue.

Padded feet raise the case slightly off the ground. A removable square filter resides at the back, servicing the power supply fan.

Both side panels are equipped with acoustic dampening foam, measuring between 7 and 14 mm thick.

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