Cooler Master Silencio 550 Quiet ATX Tower

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The layout inside is fairly standard with the power supply at the bottom opposite side-loading hard drive cages near the front. It has three 5.25" bays (one occupied by a hard drive dock) and seven 3.5" bays. There are three 120 mm fan mounts, two at the front and one at the rear; two 800 RPM models are included.

The interior is a little small compared to most modern towers, but there is an adequate amount of space to work with as the power supply and its bundle of cables sits on the floor and hard drives load from the side.

A 2.5" drive caddy mounts using the drive rails for the 3.5" drives.

Optical drives are secured with a solid flip-switch locking mechanism. Screws can be added on the other side for additional security.

Though separated into two sections (the larger one is removable), the drive cages are sturdy with hardly any give. The included intake fan is only large enough to cover the top drive cage so you'll probably want to add another one if more than four drives are going to be used.

A lone 120 mm fan at the back acts as an exhaust. Both fans are 3-pin varieties with 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapters included.

The power supply sits atop four rubber knobs to lessen vibration and provide breathing room for bottom intake fans.

On the right side there are four hooks running down the center to aid in typing up cables but only two large holes exist on the edges of the tray. Routing a 24-pin ATX connector through there might be problematic for some PSU/motherboard combinations.

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