AMD A8-3850 Quad Core Desktop APU (updated July 10)

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CPU Performance (Continued)

The A8-3850 placed last again, this time in WinRAR and used 5W more as well.

In our iTunes encoding test the new APU did a bit better, shaving four seconds off the X4 640's time.

In TMPGEnc, it fell back down with energy efficiency between that of the X4 635 and 640.

In HandBrake the A8-3850 performed as well as the X4 640, but used 6W more.

We arrived at our overall performance score by weighing each test equally (each composing 1/6 of the total). Mathematically, a processor that finishes first in every single test receives a score of 100. The A8-3850 finished with a score of 74.0, 1.5 points ahead of the X4 635. The X4 635 has the same clock speed and shares the same architecture, but with half as much L2 cache. The cache made little difference, however, not enough to propel the A8-3850 past the 3.0 GHz X4 640.

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