Antec Kühler H20 620 & 920 CPU Water Cooling Units

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Antec Kuhler H20 620 & 920 CPU Water Coolers

July 18, 2011 by Lawrence Lee

Antec Kühler H20 620
CPU Cooler
Antec Kühler H20 920
CPU Cooler
Street Price
US$60 US$100

Though mostly known for their cases and power supplies, Antec has been exploring other areas like CPU cooling. As we've mentioned in the past, it is difficult for a manufacturer to grab a foothold in this space with so many established brands and numerous high-performance models. For every Prolimatech that seems to come out of nowhere to become a big player, there are dozens that come and go before even being noticed by the majority of the DIY community.

The box.

Antec carries a few traditional heatsinks under the "Kühler" name (German for "cooler") but they also have two self-contained liquid cooling units, the H20 620 and H20 920. They're not the first to release such products, but it's still a nice change from the countless tower heatsinks that we come across. We've seen so many similar units that they blur and blend together.

Package contents.

Both units feature a small heat exchanger that is mounted to the CPU, a radiator that is secured to a 120 mm fan placement, and 13" tubes that carry water. The 920 is the more expensive model, being significantly larger, with two 120 mm fans to the 620's one, and includes a fan/LED controller that communicates to the system through an internal USB cable.

They resemble members of the Corsair Hydro family which is not surprising given they share the same OEM manufacturer, Asetek. In fact the Kühler H20 920 and Corsair Hydro H70 look like carbon copies of each another except for the tubing; the Kühlers' tubes are not corrugated, making them more flexible. We reviewed the Hydro H50 last year but were disappointed by the noise level of the pump. Hopefully Antec's units don't suffer from this problem.

Antec Kühler H20 620/920: Key Features
(from the product web pages here and here)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
CPU Socket Compatibility:
- Intel LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366
- AMD AM2 / AM3 / AM2+ / AM3+
As one would expect.
Non-corrugated easy-bend tubes for maximum flexibility in radiator positioning Should make it easier to handle than the Corsair H50.
Cooling Liquid - Safe, environmentally-friendly, anti-corrosive Good to know.
Low profile pump ensures exceptional liquid circulation while preserving internal airflow
An advantage in smaller cases.
Latest generation copper cold plate for optimal conduction Standard.
Kühler H20 920 Only Features
Included software provides essential tools to control and monitor the KÜHLER H2O 920 The 920 is the first cooler we've encountered that ships with fan control software.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) radiator fans generate the quietest high performance cooling PWM control allows for lower fan speeds.
Customizable RGB LED creates brilliant illumination Surely a must-have feature.

Antec Kühler H20 620/920: Specifications
(from the product web pages here and here)
Model Kühler H20 620 Kühler H20 920
Fan Speed: 1450 - 2000 RPM 700 - 2400 RPM (PWM controlled)
Tubing Length 13.0" / 330 mm 13.0" / 330 mm
Radiator Dimensions 5.6" (H) x 4.7" (W) x 1.1" (D) /
151 mm (H) x 120 mm (W) x 27 mm (D)
5.6" (H) x 4.7" (W) x 1.9" (D) /
151 mm (H) x 120 mm (W) x 49 mm (D)
Fan Dimensions 4.7" x 1.0" / 120 mm x 25 mm 4.7" x 1.0" / 120 mm x 25 mm
Air Flow 81.3 CFM 110.0 CFM
Noise Level 27 dBA 43 dBA
Cold Plate + Pump Height 1.1" / 27 mm 1.1" / 29 mm
Net weight 1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg
Warranty Antec Quality 3 year limited warranty on parts and labor Antec Quality 3 year limited warranty on parts and labor

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