Antec Kühler H20 620 & 920 CPU Water Cooling Units

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The Antec Kühler H20 620/920 is composed of a large copper base attached with multiple screws to a thin plastic cup-like structure (presumably containing a miniature pump and reservoir), two 13" tubes, and a large radiator that mounts on a standard 120 mm fan placement. Physically the only difference between the two is size; the 920's radiator is 22 mm thicker and the heat exchanger is also taller by 2 mm.

The copper base is very large with a slightly rough surface.

Liquid flowing over and around the base siphons the heat away and flows to the radiator to be cooled down by the fan(s); the cycle repeats continuously.

Both the 620 and 920 have pass-through connectors so the fan(s) and pump can be driven off a single fan header. The 920 also has an internal USB connector that allows Antec's software to control the fan speed and lighting.

Obviously the 920 is the higher performance model with a radiator thickness of 49 mm to the 620's measly 27 mm.

In the final step, heat is distributed through nine rows of very thin coils and expelled out the case by 120 mm fans (one fan included with the 620, two with the larger 920). Note that the radiator is 151 mm tall so some room is required above and below the fan mount.

The 620's mounting hardware. The 920 package is the same but with twice as many fan bolts and metal washers.

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