SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E: MicroATX Evolved

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The interior of the TJ08-E is cramped, but modular design makes it workable. The hard drive cage, motherboard tray, even the case top panel can be removed for assembly and maintenance.

The hard drive cage is the only area that gives us obvious concern. It is secured only on one side by two screws. It has a soft layer of rubber on the interior but hard drive vibration will be amplified because it lacks structural support both on the interior side and from above.

To remove the intake fan filter, it must be pushed from one side so it protrudes enough to be grasped on the other side. Just above it on the right side is a two-speed switch for the intake fan.

This is what SilverStone describes as the "CPU cooler holder." It's a sliding plastic arm with a flat platform at the end that supports an aftermarket CPU heatsink to prevent it from sagging or bending down from its own weight. Once in position, a screw on the bottom of the case locks it in place.

The TJ08-E is a positive pressure case, like so many of Silverston'es recent offerings. It ships with just one 18 cm fan from their Air Penetrator series. The air flows through the hard drive cage and across the GPU and CPU. There is an optional 120 mm fan placement next to the CPU.

The power supply mounts to the top of the case upside down. If it has a 120 mm fan, it draws air from the top.

The power supply has to be inserted from the top of the case. The top panel can be removed via six screws. With the top cover off, it's evident that the case is lightweight, particularly in the upper portion. Without a top-to-bottom drive cage or support beams, the structure is wobbly.

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