Antec Solo II: The Legacy Lives On

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The layout inside is fairly standard for a modern ATX tower with a vent on the top panel so that a 120mm fan PSU can be mounted "upside-down" to provide cooler outside air intake. It has two 5.25" bays, a hard drive cage featuring three 3.5"/2.5" drive trays separated by two 3.5" suspension points. There's another 2.5" bay underneath. Three 120 mm fan mounts are provided, two at the front and one at the rear, equipped with an Antec TrueQuiet 120 fan.

In quiet cases, getting enough airflow can be a problem. The Solo II draws in outside air via a series of large holes on the sides of the front bezel.

The hard drive cage has been slimmed down and raised upward to make room for a large empty space in the bottom third. This creates ample clearance for long high-end graphics cards which could not be installed in the original Solo without modifications to the drive cage. There is also a spot for a 2.5" drive in the same area.

The back panel has a 120 mm Antec TrueQuiet fan rather than the TriCool included in most Antec cases. The new fan design features soft, raised mounting pads, semi-translucent blades, and it is mounted with long rubber isolators rather than screws — this seems redundant given the soft padding around the screw mounting holes.

The Solo II retains the crossbeam that supports the PSU and lends overall structural stability to the chassis. It is now attached with screws and thus removable, so that the power supply can be more easily accessed with the motherboard and CPU heatsink in place.

To make room for the video card clearance area at the bottom, the 3.5" hard drive cage has been shrunk. Compared to three pairs of elastic suspenders and four mounting trays in the original, the Solo II has two and three, respectively.

The motherboard tray has been modernized with a large hole in the upper half to facilitate CPU heatsink backplate replacement. The hooks on the side of the hard drive cage remain the linchpin of the cable management system, but now there are four rather than six. One large hole has been added near the bottom but the Solo II lacks the plentiful tie-down points for cable ties found in the the best modern cases. There is no more room behind the motherboard tray for tucking away cables than there was in the original Solo

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