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The Samsung NP900X3A features a bright 13.3" 1366x768 LED backlight LCD display with a matte finish, 1.3 megapixel webcam, backlit island style keyboard, a large buttonless trackpad, and duralumin palmrest.

Aside from its form factor, the screen is what stands out most. It has a matte finish so there is almost no reflection, unlike the vast majority of current laptops, which feature high gloss screens. The same can't be said for the plastic bezel surrounding it. Luminosity isn't an issue as the maximum brightness is so high, the display can be made clearly visible outdoors.

Rather than having two small hinges at the sides, Samsung opted for a huge wave shaped one in the center. It allows the screen to be pushed back up to 45 degrees past vertical.

The keyboard uses a chiclet style array, with shallow but full-sized keys. Note that our sample is a Canadian model and thus features a bilingual keyboard layout. The keyboard is also equipped with backlighting, a nice addition, though at full brightness it can be blinding.

Above are comparison pictures of a few laptop keyboards scaled to 20 pixels per centimeter. The NP900X3A's keys are similar in size to both the ThinkPad Edge 13 and Asus UL30A. The Samsung and Lenovo models have less separation between the keys, resulting in a smaller footprint.

The large 9.8 x 6.8 cm trackpad is interesting as it doesn't have any visible buttons. The left and right corners of the bottom third can be lightly depressed to activate them (you can use a soft tap over them as well). It all works quite well.

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