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By our measurements, the Samsung NP900X3A has dimensions of 32.9 x 22.7 x 0.7~1.6 cm (an additional 2 mm if you include the feet). Our review unit weighs a bit more than the specifications indicate, 1.38 kg (3.03 lb) rather than 1.31 kg.

Unlike most standard sized laptops, the NP900X3A lacks convenient user-accessible memory and hard drive access bays. The entire bottom has to be removed to service the interior.

At first glance it would seem the notebook has no ports at all, but there is one set on each side cleverly hidden by a small door that flips down. These compartments help keep the pleasant contours intact.

The edges of the duralumin surfaces have a chrome finish on the edge and stick out noticeably creating a pair of lips. While this gives the laptop a nice accent to contrast/complement the surround black paint job, it is also uncomfortable when pressed up against flesh.

The left side is home to the AC power jack, one USB port, the mini HDMI connector, and Samsung's miniaturized RJ45 output. On the right is a second USB port, the headphone jack, and the microSD reader. The 1.5W speakers are minuscule, located at the sides near the front just under the keyboard lip.

While the hardware inside is quite energy efficient, a fan is still required. The fan exhausts hot air out the back of the bottom half through a tiny vent. The hinge is on the other side and partially overlaps it depending on the angle of the screen.

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