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Notebooks Compared:

Asus UL80Vt:

Asus UL30A:

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13:

Idle CPU-Z screenshot .

Load CPU-Z screenshot.

Device listing.

Measurement and Analysis Tools

Battery Life Test Details

  • Web Browsing: Firefox with the ReloadEvery add-on set to refresh one a minute three separate web pages in tabs: Google News, Yahoo News, and CNN International.
  • XVID Playback: PowerDVD playing a XVID/AC3 encoded AVI (1324kbps video, 448kbps audio) in a loop.
  • H.264 Playback: PowerDVD playing a H.264/DTS encoded MKV (4600 kbps video, 1536 kbps audio) in a loop.

Real-world Benchmark Test Details

  • Eset NOD32: In-depth virus scan of a folder containing 32 files of varying size, several of which are archives with many files within them..
  • WinRAR: Archive creation with a folder containing 68 files of varying size (less than 50MB).
  • iTunes: Conversion of an MP3 file to AAC (48KHz, 256kbps).
  • TMPGEnc Xpress: Encoding a 1-minute long XVID AVI file to VC-1 (1280x720, 30fps, 20mbps).

Our first test procedure is designed to determine the overall system power consumption at various states (measured using a Seasonic Power Angel). To stress CPUs we use either Prime95 (large FFT setting) or CPUBurn, depending on which produces higher system power consumption. To stress the GPU, we use ATITool or FurMark, whichever application is more power demanding. Both internal and external temperatures are monitored as are acoustics.

Our second test procedure tests the machine's battery life. A series of applications are run to simulate web surfing and movie watching. The critical and low battery actions are disabled so the system simply shut downs once the battery is exhausted as far as Windows 7 will allow (2%).

Our third test procedure is composed of a series of real world performance benchmarks detailed above.

All nonessential pre-installed software is removed prior to testing, and certain services and features like Superfetch and System Restore are disabled to prevent them from affecting our results. Aero glass is left enabled if supported. All tests are conducted with WiFi disabled (as well as other wireless connectivity features) unless necessary, and screen brightness is set to a reasonable reference level unless otherwise noted. We also make note if energy saving features like Cool'n'Quiet and SpeedStep do not function properly.

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