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As the Solo II has an orthodox layout, assembly is straightforward if you've ever built a tower PC before. The front bezel has to come off to install drives and intake fans, and the power supply and motherboard mount in the usual manner.

The hard drive suspenders hang a bit loose so we gave them a couple of twists before slipping the Caviar Green in from the front of the case. The SSD was placed on a drive tray above it.

The optical drive is pushed in with plastic rails; A second empty bay makes a good spot for placing unwanted cabling. The X-400 is a modular unit but cable length is still an issue.

Both of the intake fans are installed with standard fan screws from the front. Thread the fans' mounting holes beforehand with the same screws to make installation a bit easier.

Though the case is somewhat cramped, there are enough nooks and crannies for tidy cable management.

The GPU cooler turned out to be the loudest component, even at the minimum controllable speed, so we plugged it into a Zalman Fan Mate (strapped to the exhaust vent next to the expansion slots) to reduce the speed further. The plastic tabs on the case floor that hold extra 5.25" drive rails turned out to be useful for pinning down cables.

The hooks on the right side of the hard drive cage are responsible for hiding most of the excess cabling.

Though there isn't much room behind the motherboard tray, the inside edge of the side panel is easily placed flush against the column on the interior of the case. This makes it easy to close the panel even if there is a bulge of cables in the way.

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