AMD FX-8150 8-Core Bulldozer Processor

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System Power

Under light load the FX-8150 is a marked improvement over the X6 1100T, with a power savings of 7W when idle and 4W during H.264 video playback. It was close to X4 levels, but didn't hold a candle to Intel's Sandy Bridge lineup.

The FX-8150 consumed 25W more than 1100T when running our synthetic CPUBurn/Prime95 stress tester and 31W more when encoding video with HandBrake. This may be considered impressive considering it's an eight core processor, but it's staggering too see it use almost double the energy of Sandy Bridge.


To test performance, we pit the processors against one another in a short series of timed tasks using real world applications. Power consumption was measured when applicable.

The FX-8150 produced a 9% gain in Photoshop compared to the 1100T but the driving force behind this is likely the higher clock speed. Despite the performance boost, it still trailed Intel's latest Core i5's and even Core i3's.

A surprising result came in our NOD32 test with the FX-8150 coming in dead last. Even with Turbo Core pumping up clock speed in non-threaded applications, it still ended up 17% slower than the lowly X4 955.

The biggest improvement thus far was in WinRAR, where the FX-8150 posted a nice 17% improvement over the 1100T and with a slight power savings as well. Sandy Bridge still beat out all comers, but Zambezi narrowed the gap substantially.

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