AMD FX-8150 8-Core Bulldozer Processor

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The FX-8150 was struck by another setback in our iTunes encoding test, falling to X4 levels of performance and consuming about 10W more.

TMPGEnc is a multithreaded video encoding program, so if an eight core processor would shine, it would be here. The good news is that the FX-8150 reaches parity with Sandy Bridge here, matching the Core i5-2400's encoding time. The bad news is it used more than twice the juice to achieve the same result.

HandBrake, which supports some of the new instruction sets included in Bulldozer's architecture, is the only test where the FX-8150 clearly scored a win, beating out the i7-2600K by 13 seconds. However again, the power consumption was off the charts.

Overall Performance

We arrived at our overall performance score by weighing each test equally (each composing 1/6 of the total). Mathematically, a processor that finishes first in every single test receives a score of 100. As the Core i7-2600K only lost one test by a small margin, it tops the chart with 99 points.

The FX-8150's overall performance in our test suite was lackluster compared to Intel's Sandy Bridge quad core offerings. It was only competitive in our threaded video encoding tests. In the simpler tests, we got Jekyl and Hyde numbers which brought down the score though it was still an improvement over the 1100T.

The total power consumed by the FX-8150 running our test suite was more than 100% higher than the Core i5's. Obviously the slower bench times inflate these numbers, but even in our video encoding tests where Zambezi drew even with Sandy Bridge in performance, the power draw was terrible. We had hoped that even if Zambezi wasn't as fast as Sandy Bridge, it would at least be more energy efficient but sadly it's just more of the same.

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