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The system was received in perfect condition, despite the usual rough UPS handling. As with previous Puget samples, the Serenity Mini was impeccably packed in a double carton, as the photos below show.

The Antec Mini P180 carton is packed safely within a larger second carton.

A smaller utility carton contains an extensive set of documentation from Puget about the system, as well as all the unused parts and accessories from all the internal components, as well as Windows and rescue disks.

When freed from its protective shipping carton, the Mini sported a bright yellow tag warning the user of the need to remove protective Instapak Foam from within.

The Instapak is molded around the CPU heatsink/fan and the video card.

A little tug, and the foam is easily removed.


Once inside, we took a close look to confirm the high quality, meticulous assembly.

The Intel D510 SSD is mounted vertically in the upper drive bay. The secondary drive bay has been removed, replaced altogether by a Scythe 120mm fan mounted on custom acrylic L-brackets; this fan obviously provides fresh airflow to the video card in particular. Note big Gelid Tranquillo CPU cooler and the big passive cooler on the video card.

The full-on side view shows the three 120mm fans clearly in a nice more or less straight line of airflow from front to back, the very tidy wiring management, the Seasonic X-560 mounted to draw in air from below the case, the Scythe Quiet Drive which houses the WD Green drive above the bottom-mounted Bluray drive, and the empty space above the CPU area. No top fan is used; the top vent is blocked off by a laser-cut black acrylic plate, then lined with Acoustipak.

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