WD Scorpio Black 750GB & Scorpio Blue 1TB

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Real World Performance (Continued)

The Scorpio Black performed well in our file copy test, losing to the Momentus XT by a hair. The Scorpio Blue 1TB lagged behind somewhat but still managed to be a huge improvement over the 500GB version, particularly in the large file test.

In timed installs of PowerDVD and 3DMark06, the Scorpio Black had an average outing, falling behind all the desktop hard drives compared and the Momentus XT. The Scorpio Blue 1TB was actually beaten by its older, smaller brother by five seconds in the PowerDVD test, giving it a lower overall score. That being said, it still claimed victory over the Momentus 750GB by a large margin.

Overall Performance

To gauge more fairly judge the overall performance of the drives, we assigned a score of 25 to the drive that excelled most in each benchmark series (loading, application, file copying, and installation) and the rest proportionally, giving each benchmark set an equal weighting. Of the drives compared, the Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 2TB was the fastest, scoring a 94.5.

Overall the Scorpio Black 750GB was the speediest notebook drive we've come across delivering close to the performance level found in the 1TB desktop Caviar Blue and edging out the Momentus XT. The Scorpio Blue 1TB wasn't nearly as an impressive, but did manage to come very close to Seagate's 7200 RPM Momentus 750GB, not too too shabby for a 5400 RPM model.

Power Consumption

Low drive power consumption is vital for notebook battery life, and in this regard the Scorpio Blue 1TB excels despite its high capacity. It was fairly frugal at idle (0.89W) and had the lowest draw during seek of any hard drive we've tested (1.86W). The Scorpio Black 750GB was on the high side, sucking down 1.18W when idle but only 2.28W when seeking which was lower than most 7200 RPM models.

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