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It took only a bit of time and handling to learn how to navigate the menus with the remote control, which has good ergonomic design. Buttons are well-placed, though perhaps a bit tall, and a contoured underside provides a natural groove for the index finger of either hand to grip comfortably.

The size of the remote is just about right for most hands, and that contoured wedge underside puts the index finger of either hand in a comfortable "trigger" position.

The buttons themselves are familiar to anyone who has used one for a TV or VCR/PVR, with "transport" buttons near the top, and the circular pattern of menu naviation buttons in the center.

Closeup of the most often used buttons.

For menu navigation, the arrows move the highlight on a given screen, the prev/next page buttons allow quicker movement on long lists, and the back button moves you back up to the previous menu level. The option button acts a bit like the right mouse button inWindows depending on what screen you are on when it is pressed, providing detailed information and options.

The setup button is a quick shortcut to that page, which is on the top menu level but can requires a bit of a scroll if using the arrow buttons, as there are eight choices: Scrolling to the right, starting arbitrarily from Videos, there is Games, RSS, Services, Games, Files, Setup, and Photos. The colored A, B, C, and D buttons are normally keyed to the function of similarly colored icons on the screen, but they can be reprogrammed as desired. This will make more sense when you see more menu screen shots.

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