Antec P280: Performance One Refresh

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The P280 measures 23.1 x 52.6 x 56.2 cm or 9.1 x 20.7 x 22.1 inches (W x H x D) for a total case volume of 68.3 L. It's a bit more spacious being two inches deeper and one inch wider than P180 variants, though the height is about the same.

The P280 retains the unvented panels of its predecessors but the easily accessible side-sliding air filter clashes against the clean lines of the rest of the chassis. Another notable difference from the P180 series is the huge gaps around the periphery of the door, which only qualifies as such because of the hinges. This move maximizes airflow, but looks a bit odd.

The door is made of the same layered composite panel (aluminum/plastic) , is that on the P180 series, and covered with foam on the interior. It has the same 270 degree turning ability to fold flush against the left side panel. The easily removable front fan filter gives access to two 120 mm fan placements.

For extra cooling power, a second 120 mm fan placement has been added. Our sample had three fans in total, two at the top and one in the back. Note: After the first production run sells through, the screws on the top panel will be changed from the current silver to a less obtrusive black.

The focus on ventilation is obvious. Aside from the wide open gap around the door, most of the back is dotted with extra holes, including the expansion slot covers. Above the exhaust fan is a panel holding the speed switches for the three included fans, while the fourth slot remains conspicuously empty.

The side panels are not made of the multi-ply composite materials as the P180 series, but plain staeel 0.8 mm thick, weighted down with a sheet of polycarbonate boinded to the inside for resistance against vibration. Each side panel weights slightly over 4 lbs, and they account for more than a third of the P280's total weight.

Also present are the same soft vibration dampening silicon feet of the P280's predecessors.

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