Antec P280: Performance One Refresh

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The P280 has a much more spacious interior due to the increased depth, the switch to side mounted hard drives, and the absence of the power supply partition. It has a whopping nine expansion slots (for quad SLI/CrossFire configurations), six 3.5"/2.5" drive trays, two dedicated 2.5" drive bays, three tool-less 5.25" bays, and support for up to five 120 mm fans.

Looking inside it's easy to see why the P280 is so much lighter than older Performance One cases. The steel panel that separated the case into two zones and the hefty removable hard drive cages of the P180 series are gone. There's also a very large cutout for CPU heatsink backplate mounting.

The included fans are TwoCools, which as you can guess have two speeds to choose from rather than the three of the TriCools. The fans have short 3-pin cables that plug into what Antec calls a "fan hub," a small circuit board with four 3-pin fan headers powered by a single molex connector.

The power supply vent is fairly open and there's a good gap above the floor.

Among the internal connectors is a proper 20-pin USB plug.

The drive trays are made of a soft plastic material rather than the rigid metal ones found in previous Antec cases. They may handle vibration better but don't generate the same satisfying snap when locked into place. The separation between drives is approximately 17mm, which is not too bad for airflow. 2.5" drives can be installed here as well but there are two dedicated mounts at the top as well.

The 5.25" drive rails have been ditched in favor of a tool-less retention mechanism. It's fairly secure, but like most of these systems, there is nothing on the other side of the drive holding it down.

The P280 has a the cable management system. There are several large, grommetted holes around the edges of the motherboard tray and a number of hooks for slipping in zip-ties and twist-ties.

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