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Nov 6, 2003 by Mike Chin

Product Hush Mini-ITX
Manufacturer / Sample Supplier Hush Technologies
Price Starts at US$750, depends on options

WOW! was our reaction when we first reported about the Hush Mini-ITX PC. "It looks for all the world like a miniature high end stereo amplifier," we gushed. We're revising that early appraisal. It looks more like cross between a power amp and a high-end CD player. Whatever, there's no denying it looks great, as far from a conventional beige PC as a Lamborghini Murcielago is from a standard econo family sedan.

Many months after its launch, enough time for a product to actually come and go in this crazy industry, the Hush Mini-ITX remains looking fresh, clean, sleek and utterly unlike a PC. (Actually it was enough time, he writes with chagrin, for Hush to develop another similar line of PCs based on the Intel P4 platform called the Hush ATX. But we won't talk about that right now.) In case you need a reminder of its stylish good looks, here are some nice promo pics the company supplies:

Available in silver and black.

Classic modern minimalist design; would go well with a minimum-bezel Samsung LCD monitor.


The Hush Mini-ITX is a fanlessly-cooled PC designed for desktop use, built around VIA's EPIA-M mini-ITX mainboard. The hefty all-aluminum case is an integral part of its cooling system, with massive heatsinks running the length of both sides, much like a stereo power amplifier.

Its most salient features:

  • Small size
  • Low noise
  • High style

All of these are keys to easy acceptance and integration into living spaces, with existing electronic or entertainment equipment, with both the man and woman of the house. They also allow easy integration in spaces that call for a more elegrant presentation than the standard PC box.

Dimensions: W370 x D340 x H59 mm / W14.6" x D13.4" x H2.4"
Chassis: Aluminium
Colour: Silver or Black
Front Panel: Power Button, HDD LED, Optional CD-Slot
Rear Panel ATX Plate Mount, 1 x Riser Card Slots, 12v Socket, Additional slot for external USB/Fire-wire connectors
Weight Approx. 8kgs
Power Supply 55W Morex External or 110W HUSH External PSU
Motherboard VIA EPIA M10000 or EPIA CL10000 Mini ITX
PCI Expansion 1 PCI slot
Optical Drive 1 x Slim-line Optical Drive (Optional)
Hard Drive 1 x 3.5¬Ē Drive Bay


The attention to detail on this finely crafted case / system invites us to look closely as well. Photos tell much better than words sometimes.

The review sample is outfitted with a notebook style slim DVD-ROM. Note thickness of solid aluminum front panel.

Lit power button with left front foot; the feet are aluminum discs with a center of clear rubber. Note the thickness of the solid aluminum front panel. The power button itself has the look and feel of something that cost a bundle - and maybe even custom made for Hush.

Left back corner with fastening hardware details.
(Color balance differences are due to tungsten vs. flash light. The actual color in daylight is closest to this image.)

The side view: It's all fins.

The business end is all VIA EPIA-M.

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