Fractal Design Define Mini MicroATX Tower

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The Define Mini has the same construction as the R2/R3 but being a smaller chassis with smaller and thus stiffer panels, it exhibits a bit less flex and feels more solid all around. There are six hard drive bays instead of eight, a single fan placement at the top rather than dual, and even the cutout for CPU heatsink backplate installation has been shrunk.

The only notable change on the inside is the hard drive cage has been split in two, and the upper compartment can be removed and rotated.

The cleverly designed age has mounting brackets on adjacent sides and four round equal-distant spacers are used to brace the cage and ensure a snug fit.

Placing the drives parallel to the expansion slots makes better use of the intake fan, with less airflow impedance, while the perpendicular position results in easier access.

For exhaust a 120 mm fan with sleeved 3-pin connector is in the rear. There also an optional 120/140 mm placement covered with a ModuVent on the top panel.

Short stubby pads raise the power supply up, giving its fan some clearance between it and the honeycomb grill underneath.

Compared to the R2/R3, the grommeted cable management holes are a bit larger and there's an extra one in the top/rear corner for awkwardly placed 4-pin/8-pin power connectors. There is also no gap between the motherboard tray and the drive mounts.

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