Fractal Design Define Mini MicroATX Tower

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As microATX cases go, the Define Mini is rather spacious making assembly relatively pain-free. Our only annoyance came when dropping screws — black screws on a black background are ridiculously difficult to find. White screws would have fit in perfectly with Fractal Design's cookies and cream color scheme.

The familiar Fractal Design dampened bottom-mounted hard drive tray.

Test system assembled with the fan controller placed on the side. There was about 9 mm of space above the Noctua NH-U12P CPU heatsink (with the foam of the side ModuVent compressed) making total clearance about 16.7 cm.

Video card clearance was limited to 27.8 cm due to interference from the non-removable hard drive cage. This is an issue for boards where the PCI-E 16x slot is not at the very top. The 16x slot of our test board is in the second position.

The fan controller knob is quite long but as the side expansion slot has a large recess, it doesn't stick out too much.

A few more hooks for routing cables would be useful, but we managed with what was provided. Note how the CPU heatsink cutout is a little too small for our board. Again, it's manageable, but not ideal.

There was only 18 mm of space behind the motherboard tray (after taking into account the thickness of the side dampening mat) — we had some difficulty closing the panel as a result.

The Define Mini has a pair of blue LEDs, though they don't shine nearly as brightly as pictured. It's actually a rather pleasantly subdued glow.

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