Raidmax Viper: A Modern Budget Tower

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The Viper has a standard layout sufficiently long for all current single GPU graphics cards, though compared to most US$70+ cases it is a bit shorter. Even if the dimensions were larger we wouldn't recommend it for high-end configurations as cooling could be an issue; there are no additional fan placements inside. The interior construction is much better than the side panels, with the drive cages in particular being relatively solid.

Inside we see all the usual features, a cutout behind the CPU area of the motherboard tray and some cable management holes on the side with grommets, though they are rather thin. The overall dimensions, build quality and the tool-less mounts for the optical and hard drive bays are suspiciously similar to the Cooler Master Elite series of budget cases.

The rear fan has blue blades and lacks the LEDs of its two siblings. It seems odd Raidmax wouldn't make them all the same unless at the last minute they decided it would be too bright.

Four very thin pads lift the power supply up over the vent on the case floor.

The front fan blows over three of the four internal hard drive bays.

To pop off the plastic front bezel one simply has to pull outward with force at the bottom. This gives access to the front fan screws and the metal spacers covering the external drive bays. Once unscrewed the fan can be removed from the right side of the case.

There isn't much in the way of cable management features on the other side, except for a couple of hooks for cable-ties.

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