Cooler Master Cosmos II: Ultra Tower Case

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The Cosmos II measures 34.4 x 70.4 x 66.4 cm or 13.5 x 27.7 x 26.1 inches (W x H x D) for a ridiculous total case volume of 160.8 L. The next most voluminous case we've reviewed is less than half the size, the In Win Dragon Rider at 76.8 L.

While more affordable enthusiast-class cases tend to adopt a manic attention-starved style, the Cosmos II keeps it fairly simple with a simple black paint job and some nice looking curves. The top of the case features a fine mesh grill for a possible three 120 mm fans on the interior ceiling.

Toward the front, a sliding cover pushes back to review backlit power and reset buttons and fan controls for four different sets of fans. There are three speeds available, each indicated by a different backlight color. There's even a toggle switch for the blue LEDs of the included 200 mm front fan. Underneath are four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports as well as eSATA and audio connectors.

The external drive bays are hidden by a shield cover that slides downward, a nice feature for those annoyed by the limitations of front door hinges. There are five 5.25" slots, but only three usable as two are occupied by hotswap SATA drive bays.

At the back of the case there's a 140 mm exhaust fan, release latches for the side panels, and power supply installation frame. One of the reasons the Cosmos II is so tall is the presence of 10 expansion slots, enough to accommodate a four-way SLI/CrossFire configuration. There's also a side-mounted slot that can be used with an extension cable if all the regular slots are physically occupied.

The same aluminum handle bars on the top are present at the bottom, but as it's unlikely the case will ever be flipped upside-down, they're effectively only used as feet. There's a plastic "skirt" at the bottom that gives it the same curved look as the top. An air filter for the power supply fan can be pulled out from the rear for cleaning.

The damage caused by shipping was only visible at the bottom and mostly cosmetic.

Half of the braces on the inside of the left skirt were smashed, leaving behind some sharp plastic debris.

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