Cooler Master Cosmos II: Ultra Tower Case

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Though uncommonly large, the layout inside is fairly standard. The interior is spacious, wide enough to accommodate EATX and the various versions of XL-ATX motherboards, a ton of hard drives, as well as dual radiators, one on the ceiling, one on the floor.

There are three 3.5" hard drive cages for a total of 11 drives. Two of the cages sit side by side next to the power supply in a separated compartment on the floor.

The Cosmos II is loaded with removable drive caddies all with dedicated cooling. The two cages at the bottom have two fans clipped on to a side-swinging door blowing over them. The expansion slot covers are held with thumbscrews so both drive and card installation are tool-less.

The case has an Antec P180-style power supply mount with a raised platform creating plenty of clearance.

The circuit board of the fan controller can be found on the ceiling next to the 5.25" bays. There are eight fan headers with 3-pin extension cables included.

On the other side, we were disappointed to see not a single SATA backplane provided. For a US$350 case we would've expected to see at least a few. Cable management is well-taken care of with several large routing holes with grommets and a series of hooks for cable-ties underneath the large CPU heatsink cutout.

If unused, all three hard drive cages can be removed, though the top one requires some work. Taking out the bottom cages is simply a matter of removing the thumbscrews at the back and sliding them out. With the included brackets, one can mount a 240 mm radiator in their place.

The hotswap SATA hard drive bays are built as well as any aftermarket unit.

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