Cooler Master Cosmos II: Ultra Tower Case

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The Cosmos II shipped with four fans in total, a 140 mm model at the back, a 200 mm LED variant at the front, and two 120 mm units in the bottom compartment blowing over the hard drive cages near the case floor.

Removing one screw at the back allows the top cover to pull out, giving access to the ceiling fan placements. Three 120 mm fans can be used in total, mounted with standard fan screws. Alternatively, one can use two 140 mm or a single 200 mm fan.

As we only use one hard drive in our testing configuration, we took one of the fans from the floor compartment and swapped it to the top for additional exhaust.

The mesh filter at the front pulls away to reveal a 120 mm fan placement at the bottom and a 200 mm LED fan above it. In addition to a standard 3-pin power cable, the larger fan has a 2-pin cable that allows its LEDs to be toggled on/off by the fan controller.

The side panels are ridiculously thick, measuring about 22.2 mm wide on average. They are far sturdier than any previous case we've reviewed.

The side panels pull outward 90 degrees, but if you'd like more room to work, the bayonet mounting system allows you to simply lift them upward for complete removal.

On the other end, three steel barbs seal the panel with the rest of the chassis.

The right side panel has a removable compartment to access another dust filter. The left panel is identical, but also has a pair of additional 120 mm fan placements next to the video card area.

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