Seasonic X-1050 PSU: Gold at Kilowatt+

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Seasonic X-1050 FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS (from the web product page)
FEATURE & BRIEF Our comment
80 PLUS Gold Certified Super High Efficiency Assured 90% efficiency.
Full Modular Design (DC to DC)
Common to all X-Series power supplies, the new X-1050 and X-1250 feature the unique integrated DC connector panel with onboard VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) that enables not only near perfect D-to-D conversion with reduction of current loss / impedance and increase of efficiency but also a fully modular DC cabling that enables maximum flexibility of integration and forward compatibility.
DC-to-DC conversion for the lower voltage lines is not unusual, but Seasonic's implementation is unique.
Seasonic Patented Hybrid Silent Fan Control - S2FC & S3FC
An industry first, advanced 3 phased (Fanless, Silent and Cooling Mode) thermal control balances between silence and cooling. In addition, for X-1050 & 1250 a selector switch is provided to allow you to select between the Seasonic S2FC control, without fanless mode or the S3FC fan control, with fanless mode.
In Hybrid mode (S3FC), the fan does not spin at low loads, making it silent. Even with S2FC, the noise level should be very low.
Sanyo-Denki San Ace Silent Fan
The world-renowned Sanyo Denki Ball bearing fans are made of the highest quality components to ensure maximum quality and performance. The use of spoon shaped high-density plastic fan blades with smoothed leading edges, strict tolerance ball bearings and precision copper axle are just some features to ensure ultra-low noise performance and quality. In addition, the fan uses 3 balancing points, instead of the industry standard of 2 points, to ensure perfect balance and rotation. The Sanyo Denki fan is a perfect match to the class leading Sea Sonic Hybrid Silent Fan control for the absolute top performance of the industry.

A variant of the superb fan first used in the M12D. Given how PSUs can be mounted in cases with the fan facing up or down these days, the use-in-any-position ball bearing fan is probably more practical and longer-lasting than sleeve or other bearing fans that are more position-sensitive. See Anatomy of the Silent Fan for relevant fan bearing information.

High Reliable 105°C Japanese Capacitors
Many high end PSUs flaunt this feature, including Seasonic's own M12D series.
Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors These advanced caps are also used on motherboard.
Super High Efficiency [up to 90%]
Green solution for lowering energy consumption, noise & heat.
Dual Sided PCB Layout
Better utilization of PCB space to enhance quality and performance.
Tight Voltage Regulation [±3%] More stringent than the ±5% recommended by the Intel ATX12V PSU design guide.
High +12V Output
87A (1044W) on a single rail. We've come full circle from the madness of multiple 12V lines so popular a few years ago.
Safety: cTUVus, TUV, CB, GOST-R, UkrTEST, BSMI,
EMC: CE, FCC Class B, C-Tick
Hazardous Materials: WEEE, RoHS
Very good.
Protection from short circuits (SCP), over voltages (OVP), over power (OPP), over temperature (OTP), and over current (OCP) The more the merrier.
Universal Input, Active PFC [99% PF Typical] Like just about every PSU on the retail market... but Seasonic was the pioneer with these features on computer PSUs.
MTBF: Over 150,000 hours at 25 Deg C. excluding the DC Fan.
Very good.
Seasonic 5 year warranty Very good!
Net Weight: 2.2 kg (w/o cables)
Size: W150 x L190 x H86 mm
Slightly longer than normal.

Seasonic SS-1050XM Specifications
AC Input
90~264 VAC, 13 ~ 6.5A, 50/60 Hz
DC Output
Line Regulation: ±1% on all DC rails
Load Regulation: ±3% on all DC rails
Operating Temp: 0~50°C, 100% Continuous Power @ 50°C

Aside from the whopping 1044W available on the single 12V output rail, the X-1050 differs from the X-650 through X-850 models with greater combined 3.3V + 5V power of 150W instead of 125W. It is also 3cm longer, has more outputs, and comes with more cables to go with those outputs.


All the output cables are detachable, which can make installation go much more smoothly. With many other so-called modular cable PSUs, the main ATX cable and several others are permanently attached, so the benefit of detachable cables is less clear.

1 - ATX connector (600 mm) 20+4 pin
1 - CPU connector (650 mm) 4x2 (8/4-pin)
1 - CPU connector (650 mm) 2x2 (8-pin)
6 - PCIe (600 mm) 6/8-pin
3 - three SATA connectors (800 mm)
1 - two SATA connectors (480 mm)
2 - three 4-pin peripheral connectors (800 mm)
1 - two 4-pin peripheral connectors (480mm)
1 - two floppy drive connectors on Y adapter (150 mm)

Drive connectors come on different lengths of cables, a nice touch for those seeking the tidiest cabling in their PCs.

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