Seasonic X-1050 PSU: Gold at Kilowatt+

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As with the other models in the X series, the casing is a departure from the normal dual C-shaped clamshell for PSUs. It is a 5-sided box with a cover, the fan panel. The metal feels thicker than usual and is fitted together very precisely — though Seasonics have always had excellent mechanical integrity. The black and gold color scheme continues.

A change from the lower power models is the gold colored inset grill, which makes the removable panel a 2-piece affair. This appears a purely cosmetic feature designed to differentiate the X-1050 and and X-1250 from the lower power models.

Still a 120x25mm fan with hexagonal hole vent for intake and exhaust.

More than 70% of the output side is dedicated to connectors. Note the hybrid/normal fan operation selector switch.


As expected, many of the key components are similar to those found in other X series models. Specifically, the excellent Sanyo Denki 12 cm fan, the unique DC/DC Connector Module daughterboard that holds all the output connectors, and all the high quality parts listed in Seasonic's PR material. Many of these items are closely detailed in our review of the X-650.

Opening up the unit required six screws to be removed. Layout is very tidy, as usual for Seasonic, especially since all the lower voltage conversion circuitry is relegated to the back output daughter PCB closest to the output connectors. Note the stiff plastic sheet baffle, meant to ensure no short-circuit of airflow from fan to exhaust vent. It is smaller than others we've seen Seasonic employ before, presumably because the fan is located farther back from the exhaust in this longer casing. This will mean less turbulence noise, at least not until the fan is spinning really fast, at which point, any hope of low noise can be tossed. As with the lower power X models, the heatsinks are shockingly small for someone used to seeing massive ones in earlier, lower efficiency PSUs. This is a >1000W power supply, after all!

Greater detail for those who appreciate them...

...and from the other side as well.

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