Seasonic X-1050 PSU: Gold at Kilowatt+

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Seasonic's drive to improve acoustics and efficiency in its power supplies has been a constant for the past decade. The X-1050 extends into the kilowatt circle all the benefits of the X series we documented in our X-650 review. This power supply boasts extremely high voltage regulation, very low ripple and noise, extremely low acoustic noise under varied conditions, very high energy efficiency, super quality parts and a robust build quality.

A notable quality (at least in our sample) is the absence of any audible electronic hum, buzz or whine. This is exceptional, the best I've ever encountered in a decade of testing power supplies.

For those who need or want a power supply that delivers over a kilowatt, Seasonic X-1050 is an excellent choice. It is far better than actually needed for any computer. Even the $219 pricing seems perfectly fair. The X-1050 deserves our highest recommendation.

Seasonic X-1050 Balance Sheet

* >90% efficiency in typical use
* Silent in typical use
* Electrical performance is tops
* Semi-passive cooling really works; fan runs only when needed.
* Clever, innovative engineering
* Great quality components & build
* All modular cables
* 5-year warranty

* Is a kilowatt PSU really necessary?

Much thanks to Seasonic USA for this review sample.

SPCR Editor's Choice Award

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