Cooler Master Silencio 450: Silence on a Budget?

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Despite being a budget case the Cooler Master Silencio has one convenient feature that we've never seen on a tower case before: the ability to flip the front door. The hinge can be taken apart and modified to swing out from the side of your preference.

The hinge is secured by two screws on the inside of the front bezel.

The screws hold down two plastic tabs. Once free, lift each tab up and pull away to release the hinge from bondage.

On the other side is a hinge spacer secured with three plastic barbs.

Inside are magnets used to hold the door shut.

The hinge is attached to a large rectangular piece on the door with four screws. Take them out and flip it around.

If you're sitting to the left of the system, having the hinge on the right side makes the drive bays and the reset button easier to access.

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