Cooler Master Silencio 450: Silence on a Budget?

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Assembling a system in the Silencio 450 is a straight forward affair. Our test system consists of an Asus 790GX motherboard, a ZEROtherm FZ120 heatsink with a Nexus 120 mm fan, a WD Caviar hard drive and a Cooler Master 700W modular power supply. By our measurements, video card clearance is limited to approximately 27.1 cm and CPU heatsinks to 15.9 cm.

We recommend placing hard drives in the upper cage first. The bottom compartment receives airflow as well, but the bezel and fan has to be removed temporarily to screw them in properly. Drives are packed rather tightly together in the 450 with only 4~5 mm separating them from one another.

Two screws on the left side and one on the right secure the hard drive in place.

After assembly we noticed a significant amount of vibration, so we added some closed-cell packing foam with double-sided tape to press up against the side panels and keep from vibrating as much.

Due to the lack of room behind the motherboard tray, the thicker 4-pin and 24-pin cables had to be left above the board. Removing the upper hard drive increases video card clearance, but only for a card installed in the 4th or 5th slot.

With so little room on the back side, running thicker cables here make putting on the side panel difficult.

Most of the cable management features were left unused.

Frosted plastic subdues the large blue LED inside, lighting up the outside of the Cooler Master logo without blinding brightness.

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