Kingwin LZP-1000: Platinum Efficiency at a KiloWatt

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Like other models in the LZW series, the 1000 is painted flat black, with a cosmetic decal on one side and specifications label on top. The sheet metal seems about average thickness, and the casing is about 3cm longer than normal. The honeycomb pattern exhaust grill is very open to airflow, and there are no other vents other than the 140mm fan intake. The overall impression is of a decent but not exceptional quality casing, with good quality parts inside.

The casing is fairly standard but a but longer than usual. Note the red ECO switch over the AC input connector. It switches the cooling profile from low noise to semi-passive or hybrid. In the latter mode, the fan does not start spinning until some internal sensor temperature reaches >45ºC.

The same 8-pin connector is used for all the modular cable outputs. Despite the modular cables, there is quite a big bundle of attached output cables: The main ATX, two cables for PCIe card 12V, 8-pin AUX12V and 4/8-pin AUX12V.

The spec label.

This time around, I've decided to forego the photos of the interior. From what can be seen through the fan vanes, it looks similar to the LZW-550, with smallish heatsinks and quality 105¬įC capacitors. I have little doubt that the fan is the same model as the one used in the LZ-550. In all honesty, my technical knowledge of PCB-level components is not extensive enough to add much value to the review. For such commentary, you're better off visiting; their reviews do feature interesting commentary on such details. I'm more interested in the end results, and with the possible exception of the fan, no longer much interested in the fine details inside. For most users, the PSU is a black box, and what matters most is how it performs.



1 - ATX connector (58cm) 20+4 pin
2 - PCIe connector (58cm) 6/8-pin
1 - AUX12V connector (58cm) 4/8 pin
1 - AUX12V connector (58cm) 8 pin


3 - PCIe (53cm) 6/8-pin
1 - PCIe 6/8-pin extender (13cm)
3 - four SATA connectors (90cm)
1 - three 4-pin Molex connector (80cm)
1 - three 4-pin Molex connector + floppy drive connector (90cm)

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