Kingwin LZP-1000: Platinum Efficiency at a KiloWatt

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The Kingwin Lazer Platinum LZP-1000 easily jumps to forefront of quiet, powerful PSUs. The notable merits are numerous:

  • 94% peak efficiency (at the important mid loads)
  • Very good voltage regulation
  • Excellent noise & ripple
  • No audible electronic noise at any load
  • Inaudible at <500W
  • Quieter than all other PSUs at >500~600W
  • Amazingly quiet even at 1000W

As with previous Seasonic and Kingwin models, high efficiency is what makes the semi-passive fan cooling scheme workable... even with the small heatsinks. There is so little heat to dissipate, even at very high power, less in this 80 Plus Platinum level PSU than any other we've tested thus far.

If installed in a system with long term average power draw of 700W or higher, one might have thoughts about the risk to longevity with the constant heat load. This would be especially true in a tower case where the PSU is mounted conventionally at the top back corner. Such cases are increasingly out of favor with DIY builders, however, and the majority of high performance cases now place the PSU at the bottom back corner. Those who live in 220~240 VAC service areas get the benefit of efficiency that is even higher, 96% at the peak.

The absence of electronic buzz, whine, or hum was notable. This is only the second PSU sample to exhibit such stony silence in 10 years of testing PSUs at SPCR labs. This quality is a great match to the l cooling fan. which does not turn on till 500W or higher in normal ooperation, and stays quiet and smooth throughout the power range.

The Seasonic X1050's mid-power efficiency is lower by a couple points, and above 500~600W, the Kingwin is a lot quieter. But the Seasonic casing is obviously higher quality, as is its overall finish, and there's no question this is an unquantifiable but significant aspect of a product's overall appeal. About the only other quibble I can mention is that the many permanently attached cables make the LZP-1000 much less of a modular PSU than the Seasonic X1050, where all the cables are removable. For most users, this is a pretty minor quibble in a product that is exceptional in acoustic, efficiency and electrical performance.

Kingwin LZP-1000 Balance Sheet

* 90~94% efficiency in typical use
* Silent in typical use
* Super quiet even at 1000W!
* Excellent electrical performance
* Semi-passive cooling really works; fan runs only when needed.
* Modular cables
* 5-year warranty

* Five permanently attached cables.

Much thanks to Kingwin Technology for the review sample.

Kingwin Lazer Platinum LZP-1000 receives the SPCR Editor's Choice Award

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