Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB Hard Drive

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Overall Performance

To more accurately represent the overall performance of the drives, we assigned a score of 25 to the drive that excelled most in each benchmark series (loading, application, file copying, and installation) and the rest proportionally, giving each benchmark set an equal weighting. Of the drives compared, the WD VelociRaptor 600GB was the fastest, scoring just under 97 out of a possible 100.

Our current 7200 RPM champion, the Barracuda 3TB retains it spot, but now must share it with the 7K3000. Though the Seagate was substantially faster in a couple of tests, the Hitachi's more balanced performance (it placed in the top four in all our tests) allowed it to draw even. As an O/S drive, it's the cream of the crop, at least as far as 7200 RPM models go.

HD Tune Performance

Real world benchmarks are one thing but it doesn't portray the whole picture as drive speed varies across its capacity. HD Tune's transfer rate benchmark measures speed across the entire disk.

The read speed of the Deskstar 7K3000 2TB was a solid 121 MB/s on average, topping out at 157 MB/s near the beginning of the drive. The raw throughput gradually slows to an acceptable 75 MB/s at the end of the disk. Access times seemed to be a bit slow despite it's impressive showing in our benchmark suite.

Even the slowest portion of the 7K3000 is about 15 MB/s faster than most "green" drives and the only 7200 RPM model to exceed it was, once again, the Barracuda 3TB, which has a natural advantage thanks to its 1TB platters.

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