SilverStone Raven RV03

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Assembling a system in the Raven RV03 is a straightforward affair. Our test system consists of an Asus 790GX motherboard, a ZEROtherm FZ120 heatsink with a Nexus 120 mm fan, a WD Caviar Black hard drive and a SilverStone 700W modular power supply.

Though hard drives can be installed at the front cage and behind the motherboard tray, they all use the mounting frame with vibration isolators on the bottom.

The front drive cages have the option for fans both front and back and no tools are required to secure the fan mounts and drive caddies to one another. Unfortunately all five pieces have to be assembled together for stability, making removing a single drive a bit of an ordeal (the front drive covers have to be removed as well).

Installing hard drives at the back is much easier — all you have to do is secure it with four screws. There's no way to get air blowing over them though, but one benefit is that they might become practically inaudible if the case is placed on the right side of the seated user.

Fully assembled with the hard drive at the front. The RV03, being taller than the RV02, has better video card clearance, about 34.3 cm by our measurements. CPU heatsink clearance was 16.4 cm.

As the case is quite wide, there is ample room for cables and this is complimented by several cable tie points. The drive cages can get in the way, but unless they're all filled, it shouldn't be too much trouble.

The RV03 has a diffused white power LED and red hard drive activity LED at the top.

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