Seasonic SS-350TGM 80 Plus Gold TFX

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The Seasonic SS-350TGM power supply is another useful addition to Seasonic's large range of near-silent, >90% efficiency power supplies. Its hybrid, semi-passive cooling with no fan movement at low load is a feature that has been seen only in sophisticated higher priced ATX PSUs, and this feature makes it a natural pick over any other TFX PSUs I've encountered or read about. The high efficiency is what makes the semi-passive fan possible in the small constricted TFX form factor. There is so little heat to dissipate.

The electrical performance of the unit is excellent in most ways. About the only quibble might be the slightly higher 45mV ripple on the 12V line at full power, but this is still 25% below the maximum 60mV recommended value.

While DIY PC enthusiasts may not have much to celebrate here due to the dearth of cases that utilize TFX PSUs, system integrators obviously have a new and better option for a quieter PSU in small tower or media PC systems. The $70 price is a guess at what these units might sell for if it was made available for retail purchase (as OEM PSUs often are). The 300TGM, a 300W version of this PSU, might be even better suited for the latest generation of super energy efficient PCs. We can certainly hope manufacturers create more low profile, compact media PC cases to take advantage of these new TFX PSUs from Seasonic.

Much thanks to Seasonic USA for the review sample.

Seasonic SS-350TGM receives the SPCR Recommended Award.

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