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Video Playback

As the HD 7000 series features the same UVD 3.0 chip as the previous generation, there were only negligible differences in CPU utilization during HD video playback. Much of the work is offloaded to the GPU. However, as the 7750 has a lower idle power draw, it managed to edge out budget variants of the HD 6000 series in power consumption.

3D Performance

While 3DMark is a completely synthetic benchmark, it is a good general indicator of 3D performance, particularly when the score differences are quite high. In this case, we see the HD 7750 only pulling slightly ahead of the HD 5750 in both 3DMark11 and 3DMark Vantage.

At 1680x1050 resolution with high levels of detail, the HD 5750 and HD 7750 were basically neck and neck in our three game benchmarks. Most users consider 30 fps as representing a smooth gaming performance, and both cards seem to deliver at this resolution. There are more — and less — demanding titles than these three, but 1680x1050 seems to be the maximum optimal resolution for a ~US$100 card.

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