Silverstone Fortress FT02 Revisited

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The FT02's total volume is just under 65 liters. Surprisingly this is 5 liters less than the RV03 which sports two 18 cm fans rather than three. The FT02 is also substantially heavier, weighing 15 kg (33 lb) to the RV03's 11.4 kg (25 lb).

The FT02 epitomizes SilverStone's minimalist philosophy. It's a sandblasted, anodized aluminum tower with smooth lines, rounded corners, and nothing to spoil those smooth lines except a name plate.

Though solidly built, we noticed one manufacturing defect: The gap between the front bezel and the rest of the chassis was larger on one side. It's not completely secure, either, as it can be pried open somewhat.

At the top are recessed power and reset buttons, power and hard drive activity LEDs, and a pair of USB 3.0 and audio ports concealed by a sliding cover. Further back is the handhold for removing the top cover.

The top is well ventilated as the system's exhaust is expelled through it. The layout is a bit like that of a classic ATX tower, but flipped 90 degrees so that it rests on its "face". Next to the 12 cm exhaust fan are individual two-speed switches for 18 cm fans inside the case.

At the top rear is a hole for running cables. Below it is an intake vent for the power supply with a detachable exterior dust filter.

The front and back bottom corners are reinforced.

Lining the side panels are sheets of noise dampening foam, about 4 mm thick (compressible to 1~2 mm).

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