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First use impressions out-of-the-box was not positive. While the physical unit was tidily assembled and reassuringly solid, general performance in Windows was hampered by a lot of glitchy screen flickering. It was so bad that rapid changes between screens and programs almost caused vertigo or dizziness. This was with a video driver dated late 2011. The first tasks undertaken on the Logic Supply LGX AG150 system was updating of Windows 7. A complete Windows 7 update did not change the video driver, and the flickering continued. The issue did not seem to affect performance in other ways, for example, HD video play did not suffer from any flickering as long as windows were not switched mid-stream.

A search for updated video drivers on the Intel site bore fruit. Installing the video driver (dated 8 March 2012) finally eliminated the flickering problem, pretty much completely. That was a big relief. All further testing was done with the updated video driver and Windows 7 completely updated (as of 20 March 2012).

In general, while overall performance is decent, especially with the SSD, the system is still an Atom, it isn't a speed demon.


System Power Consumption

The Logic Supply LGX AG150 with its Intel DN2800MT board sets new standards for energy efficiency. In idle, only a minimalist system with the predecessor D945GSEJT board matches the low 12W draw. In HD video play, nothing comes close to its 13W draw; every other system in the comparison pulls 18W or more. Even full CPU + GPU stress testing only managed to reach peaks of 18W. Average power under such conditions was usually 16~17W. If the high efficiency Seasonic power adapter had been available for the D945GSEJT, it might have come closer to the AG150 power levels, but its performance was definitely not competitive. Even with the Broadcom video decoder, HD playback was not always prisitine.

Device listing.

Video Playback

The quality of HD 720p and 1080p video playback was consistently good, even with clips that sometimes reached 30 Mbps peaks. The 13W typical power draw during HD playback is unmatched by any other system or board/CPU we've tried. CPU utilization was very low, not higher than 18% with any of our standard clips.

Thermal Performance

The system was left at various activity states for 45~60 minutes to allow temperatures to stabilize. The average CPU core temperature was recorded using RealTemp and SpeedFan. Exterior temperatures were measured with an infrared thermometer; the highest measurement recorded on each panel are reported.

Operating Temperatures
Top Cover
x264 Playback
CPU Load
CPU + GPU Load
Ambient temperature: 21°C.

Even with very little heat to disspiate, electronic component can get very hot without effective cooling. A hard drive in open air, for example, can easily reach 50°C, doing little but idleing at <8W. The ML200 case is thermally sound for the Logic Supply LGX AG150 system, keeping the CPU and external temperatures very modest even under heavy load. There is easily 20°C of headroom. The exterior never felt more than warm, unsurprising, as it barely rose above normal body temperature. This is proof that heatpipes are not mandatory for every fanless system.


This is the shortest acoustics analysis ever in an SPCR review: There simply isn't any noise. None from the main unit itself, and none from the power adapter.

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