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The LGX AG150 works exactly as intended by Logic Supply: Fanlessly, silently, with enough computing power for the vast majority of desktop users, while merely sipping at electrical energy in a size and form that allows it to be installed just about anywhere. With excellent cooling, the system is an easy choice for commercial or industrial applications in tight, poorly ventilated spaces and minimum maintenance (preferably with an OS that requires fewer updates than Windows).

For the DIY mini PC enthusiast, the Logic Supply AG150 case, Intel DN2800MT motherboard and Seasonic >87% efficient power brick represent a compelling combination. This system competes with the tiny 1~2 liter mini PCs such as the Asus Eee Box, the Zotac Zbox, Sapphire Edge, Mac Mini or Acer Revo products, but goes one better: It has fanless, silent cooling. In contrast, all the other mini PCs run with fans, and if you press them hard, those fans spin up and make noise. That noise is plainly audible if you set the cute little things on your desktop, because they're so close to you. OK, the Logic Supply lacks niceties like a built in memory card reader or swish styling, but it has functional, industrial appeal, and it can be tucked away just about anywhere. Its performance is certainly good enough to be a HTPC or audio-only PC (though you will probably want to add a SPDIF jack). Unlike Intel's first "Thin mini-ITX" board, the DN2800MT has enough video muscle to do HD video smoothly without any additional help, and it is even stingier with energy consumption; in fact, as noted earlier, it's clearly our energy champ.

One downside is the lack of support for Windows 7 64-bit. It's not a major hiccup, as Windows 7 32-bit is perfectly fine for most desktop users. There is still a chance that 64-bit versions of Windows will be supported in future, but 64-bit support for Atom has been inconsistent throughout its history, with some chips having it and others not, so it's not really anything new. When you look through the fine details of Intel drivers for the board, there are some 64-bit drivers for some components; the main glaring absence is the chipset and graphics drivers. It is possible they could come in the future.

The current base price of $453 for the LGX AG150 covers the board, case, Seasonic power adapter, 160GB 2.5" drive and just 1GB RAM, but the 3-5 days cited for assembly includes 2 days of testing and validation by LS, so the markup doesn't appear onerous. Stepping up for $35 more to an Intel 320 series 40GB SSD and using network storage (which every PC geek has these days) seems well worthwhile. Two 2GB pieces of RAM costs $40 more — a bit steep by current market prices but not bad as it is tested for 2 days. Add a Intel 6230 Wi-Fi/BT PCIe mini card adapter and antennae, and the hardware total comes to $581. Buying all the parts separately can save you a bit, and assembly should be a cinch, but the most valuable part of having LS put it together is their 3-5 days of testing. (Our sample system's $716.70 price includes the cost of the front RS232 ports and Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.)

The LGX AG150 excels for specialized applications where silence, dust-resistance, zero maintenance or no airflow to disturb the environment are important. For home and business users without heavy computational demands and a yen for zero noise, low heat and minimal energy usage, it is also a winner.

Logic Supply LGX AG150

* Completely silent
* Really small
* Excellent cooling
* 1080P capable video
* Super low energy consumption

* No Windows 7 64-bit support
* No memory card reader (?)

Our thanks to Logic Supply for the Logic Supply LGX AG150 sample.

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Logic Supply LGX AG150 receives the SPCR Editor's Choice Award

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