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An important aspect to consider when choosing an office PC is how convenient the machine is to service. The M90p was just about perfect in this regard, so we have little issue with the M91p recycling its design. It cleverly opens up like a clamshell without using any tools and because it's a small case, the components are immediately accessible. You don't have to grope your way through the interior of a big tower to disconnect cables, etc.

Opening up the M91p is just about the easiest thing in the world. Just release the plastic latch at the back to unlock the hinge.

The bottom half of the case is home to a motherboard with two DDR3 SO-DIMM slots, two SATA ports (one 6 Gbps, one 3 Gbps), and a low-profile PCI riser slot. An aluminum heatsink is bolted atop the CPU with a plastic duct connecting it to an exhaust fan at the back.

The system's only fan is an AVC 60 mm ball bearing unit, model number DS06025B12U. It's quite powerful with a rotational speed of 5200 RPM and a power rating of 0.70A (8.4W). The use of fan isolators seems to be ironic.

The DVD burner and hard drive are mounted on the top half of the case so the hard drive is located just above the CPU heatsink when the enclosure is closed.

The hard drive, a Seagate 7200.12 500GB is padded with rubber grommets.

The caddy is secured to the interior by a shallow plastic tab on each side. It's a loose arrangement, a tempting invitation for hard drive vibration. This is the only physical issue we have with the chassis.

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